Can any product be sublimated?

No, only products with a polymer coating or products made of polyester will sublimate.  Sublimation ink does not bond to natural surfaces or fibers.

You can sublimate fabrics made of a polyester blend, but the ink will not adhere to the part that is not polyester.  This often results in a vintage style appearance.

See our Recommended Products section for a variety of sublimation ready products. 

Why are the colors on my monitor different from my sublimation?

A monitor creates colors using light and has a gamut beyond 10 million colors.  Printers use ink to create color and are limited to a few thousand colors.  Colors will vary from one monitor to another.

How do I know if my substrate has been in the heat press too long?

When blacks start to turn brown or your image becomes blurred, that can mean your substrate has been in the heat press too long.  This is called de-gassing.  Also, the product may appear yellowed or the paper might stick when are trying to remove it. 

If the item has not been in the heat press long enough, ink will not be transferred fully to the hard substrate.  You want to have 90% of the ink evenly transferred off the paper for a hard substrate and less for fabrics.